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Strength Resistance Band

Strength Resistance Band

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The Strength Resistance Band is an essential tool for any fitness enthusiast. It’s designed to help you get effective workouts no matter where you’re training. Whether it’s at home, in the gym, on the road or afar, get a great workout with this high quality resistance band. Perfect for leg and hip exercises, stretching, yoga, Pilates, barbell workouts and more. Plus, it provides a great way to work on weight loss, strength training and postpartum recovery. 


Material: natural latexlight pink: 600 * 50 * 0.35mmPink::600 * 50 * 0.5mmRed Rose::600 * 50 * 0.7mmLight purple: 600 * 50 * 0.9mmPurple::600 * 50 * 1.1mm

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